The private drivers society (Blacklane) ranks Luxembourg fastest airport, with a  median time of 15.5 minutes between plane landing and passenger exit from the airport. The slowest is Kansai, outside of Osaka, Japan, with a median time of 80.5 minutes. The global average is 23 minutes for national and 38 minutes for international flights, these times vary immensely from one airport to the other.

European airports are often well ranked (10 among the first 11, with Shanghai being the 8th), mainly because passport controls have been simplified for European travellers, mentions the study.

Small airports are also more efficient than larger ones, if only by the distance that needs to be covered. Nevertheless, the speed is not linked to the number of passengers, as Munich and Frankfurt are well ranked (30 and 33 minutes), even though they welcome a large number of passengers (36,5 and 61,8 million).