Boris Loder, German photographer living in Luxembourg, exposed his ‘Particles’ series at Li Shui Photography festival (from 7 to 10 November).

Particles:   The concept of identity often seems like a container that can be filled with very different, even contradictory contents. In his project “Particles”, Boris Loder tries to transform this idea into a study of sculptural photography, which questions Luxembourg’s social and geographical identities.

Boris Loder started exploring his neighborhood, the area around the train station, which has a reputation of being less safe and clean than the rest of the city. People from outside generally have strong stereotypes of Luxembourg’s supposedly clean urban landscape. He wanted to challenge these clichés by trying to find out what really happens in specific places such as parking lots, playgrounds, or waste lands. To do so, he started collecting objects he found on these sites. With “Particles”, Boris Loder tries to add to landscape photography a different approach that both deconstructs and reassembles a given site, well aware that despite his effort to give a representative depiction, it is still his subjective view on the place.