According to the annual report of the Merics and Rhodium Group, the sale of the International Bank in Luxembourg to Legend Holdings places Luxembourg in the top 5 European countries that attract Chinese investment. The annual report estimates Chinese foreign direct investment (FDI) in EU at 17.3 billion euros last year, down 40% year on year and 50% over two years. “Estimate”, because in reality, a whole series of investments remains under the strategic bar of 10 million euros qualifying an FDI. For the first time, Chinese investors also began selling some significant assets (such as the sale of Avolon and Deutsche Bank holdings by HNA).

The United Kingdom (4.2 billion), Germany (2.1) and France (1.6) are still the three favorite European investment countries of the Chinese, but their share has decreased from 71% from the total in 2017 to 45% last year.

Two countries make their entry at the top of the ranking: Sweden (3.4 billion, including 3 with the entry of Geely in Volvo) and Luxembourg (2.4 billion, including 1.6 with the acquisition of the International Bank in Luxembourg by Legend Holdings ).  sources