Originally from India, Lokdeep Singh’s international career includes 10 years spent in the United States, multiple years across India, Japan and Russia and more than a decade in Luxembourg. In 2022, he took up the position of CEO at consumer intelligence acceleration platform Talkwalker, a company he calls “local, global and proudly Luxembourgish”. Founded in Luxembourg in 2009, the company currently employs 400 people and serves 2,500 brands across the world with social listening services.

Competitive marketplace, high quality of life

“There are two main reasons why I love Luxembourg: one professional and one personal,” says Mr Singh. “From a professional point of view, the country offers a very competitive marketplace where businesses can grow. It is small enough to make it possible to test new ideas very quickly, and if they generate traction, the easy access to the EU’s Single Market and a diverse set of talents makes it possible to scale them speedily in Europe.”

Scaling businesses quickly

He also highlights the structures in place to support business growth and international expansion. “You have all the right infrastructure here, including national innovation agency Luxinnovation and various other institutions, to help you do exactly that. In fact, there are plenty of opportunities to develop at a fast pace.”

In fact, there are plenty of opportunities to develop at a fast pace.

The personal dimension is equally important for him. “When my wife and I came here, our sons were aged 5 and 7. We quickly realised that Luxembourg is the perfect place to grow a young family. It is very safe and offers a high quality of life. This is a country where kids can really be kids. Instead of moving on after a few years, as we had expected, we are now proud Luxembourg passport holders. This is our home.”

A mix of old and new

According to Mr Singh, Luxembourg’s charm is made up of a combination of many different things. “The country offers a unique and enticing mix of the old and the new, the modern and the traditional, and you are constantly surrounded by beautiful nature,” he says and points to the stunning view of the Moselle valley behind him. “But if I have to pick one single thing, I would say that it is the international and cosmopolitan aspects of Luxembourg that I and my family really love.”

Photo credits: Luxinnovation/Michel Brumat