On January 13, China-based Uni-top Airlines started their new scheduled service between their hub in Wuhan, Central China and Luxembourg. These operations add up to the development of China-Luxembourg’s ‘Silk Road by air’ joining Cargolux and China Southern in connecting the two countries.

The airline will operate the service 3 times weekly with a B747-400. The flights will land in Luxembourg early morning on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday and leave after a regular ground time back to Wuhan.

Uni-top Airlines will also benefit in Luxembourg of the extended and efficient trucking network to connect to all major European hubs as well as to arrange direct deliveries to their major customers.

The central location, the state of the art infrastructure as well as the renowned ramp and warehouse handling services by LuxairCARGO makes it the preferred choice for Uni-top Airlines.

In fact, in 2007 already, Uni-top Airlines established their European headquarter at the Luxair Cargocenter. During the early years, Uni-top organized series of charter operations through Luxembourg using various carriers to perform the flights.