LIST and Expon Capital have joined forces to identify R&D opportunities in artificial intelligenceAs one of Luxembourg’s leading, mission-driven research centres, the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) develops competitive and market-oriented product or service prototypes for public and private stakeholders. Its IT-oriented research activities focus on digital transformation of operations and the efficient use of big data. The centre is a pioneer in the fields of software engineering, digital technologies and artificial intelligence (AI).

The strength of Luxembourg is its ability to quickly package an attractive collaboration offer for companies deemed promising.

LIST is now partnering with the Luxembourg-based venture capital investment company Expon Capital to accelerate and simplify public-private cooperation and co-investment in R&D and innovation. Together, the two entities will identify promising companies active in the field of innovative digital services, with a specific emphasis on AI. LIST will facilitate the development of partnerships between digital companies and the investment and financial community and participate in the implementation of collaborative R&D and innovation projects.

Luxembourg: ideally positioned to attract artificial intelligence companies

Luxembourg is “ideally positioned to attract businesses, particularly dynamic and innovative start-ups active in digital technologies”, according to the research centre. “The strength of Luxembourg, which we are implementing with this agreement, is its ability to quickly package an attractive collaboration offer for companies deemed promising by involving public funding agencies, venture capital players represented by Expon Capital and operational R&D and Innovation players such as LIST,” highlighted Francesco Ferrero, director of the IT for Innovative Services department at LIST.

“We look forward to laying the foundations for a solid and lasting strategic cooperation between the complementary worlds of research here in the Grand Duchy, which will help to attract more innovative and disruptive companies in the digital field,” Jérôme Wittamer, Managing Partner of Expon Capital, pointed out.

Photo credits: LIST