Following a call for tenders launched by EuroHPC and LuxProvide in January 2020, Atos, a global leader in digital transformation, has been selected to build and maintain the MeluXina HPC. Atos specialises in the implementation of hybrid HPCs capable of handling workloads on site as well as in public and/or private cloud environments, thereby meeting the needs for flexibility, efficiency and performance of its clients. The HPC model acquired by LuxProvide is a BullSequana XH2000 with a computing capacity of 10 petaflops. Completely scalable, the HPC will provide lasting power due to its open and modular architecture. Modular supercomputers, which are designed to take into account the needs of big data science, constitute a new European approach to information processing technology. With its performance, it should be able to attain the top 30 in the ranking of the world’s 500 most performing HPCs. This approach will pave the way for “exascale” supercomputers a hundred times faster than the most powerful current systems. The acquisition of the HPC is part of Luxembourg’s strategy to become a leading data economy. “This flagship project aimed at supporting the digitalisation of our economy and our businesses fits perfectly into the data-driven innovation strategy of the Ministry of the Economy,” commented Minister of the Economy Franz Fayot. “Our Luxembourg supercomputer MeluXina is helping to build a digital, sustainable and reliable economy by making high performance computing accessible to companies of all sizes.”