The University of Luxembourg’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and  Trust (SnT) has entered a collaborative research partnership with manufacturing firm Cebi.

The signature ceremony, which took place on 5 April, marked the beginning of a 4 year-long project supported by Luxinnovation and the Ministry of the Economy to bring Industry 4.0 to Cebi’s flagship factory in Luxembourg. The project aligns with the national strategy for the development of Luxembourg (Rifkin study).

The last five decades have involved filling factories with computerised machines capable of handling repetitive tasks more quickly, efficiently and accurately (referred to as industrial automation). Industry 4.0 is now taking this a step further and involves allowing these machines to share their data, communicate with and even control other machines.

SnT researchers will work with Cebi Luxembourg S. A. to make this network of machines (an example of the ‘Internet of Things’) a reality at their site in Luxembourg. Since its establishment in 1976, Cebi has invested considerably into innovation, and this project is a logical consequence of the company’s involvement in this domain. Cebi has a factory in Shanghai.