In November 2018, Paul Wurth Metal Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. has been awarded with the “Science and Technology Award” (2nd Prize), granted by China Railway Shenyang Bureau Group Co., Ltd. Back in 2013, Paul Wurth had signed a contract to design and supply an Automatic Overhead Transport System to the Shenyang EMU Depot of Shenyang Railway Bureau, which is the biggest maintenance base located in the North-East of China and provides full maintenance service for the High-Speed Trains of Type CRH5 and Type CRH 380B.

Paul Wurth worked together with its daughter company CTI Systems, which provided the technology and specialized equipment for the integrated intralogistics systems used for dismantling, inspection and assembly of bogies. The contract equipment supplied by CTI and Paul Wurth was delivered to site in June 2014 and installed in October 2014, allowing the entire plant to be put into the operation since January 2015. In June 2017, Paul Wurth and CTI successfully received the final acceptance certificate signed by Shenyang EMU Depot, after more than one year of smooth production.